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Your Untitled Stone, 2020

Installation (stone, ceramic sculpture and A5 C-print photo)

I made this work for an exhibition at TACA Project Space, in Mallorca, curated by Aina Pomar. The show entitled "Reset. Instructions to begin in a new present" was about how our lives have become instructed by rules that are defined by authorities to overcome the pandemic. Many of the activities that we did automatically a few months ago are now mediated by regulations that condition the how, when, where and with. To perform minimal actions such as playing sports or having a beer, we need to consult a kind of instruction manual. We had to unlearn. And learn. Departing from these thoughts, the exhibition was inviting the artists to reflect about what we want to take with us in this new present and how we want to live in it. The artists were then invited to send basic instructions to the curator about how to produce, receive or install their work. Each artist’s instructions were also exhibited alongside with their work.

My proposed work was about not being able to travel and trying to reproduce things we miss in our own environment. And about the whole concept of perception in a time where we do a lot of things virtually and how our perception gets warped in many terms.

My instructions were as follows:

1. Go to the beach today or tomorrow, find a stone you like. The stone must be either tones of white or gray.

2. Make a photo of the stone over a white background, only from one angle.

3. Send the photo to me by e-mail, latest by tomorrow together with your postal address.

4. Now just wait til I reproduce the stone you found from clay, according to how I perceive it from the photo,not knowing the scale and the view from different angles. I will then fire the reproduced stone made of clay in a kiln

and it will be shipped to you in 2-3 weeks.

5. Please bring the pack to the exhibition space, open it carefully and take my ceramic stone out the package.

6. Install my stone on a pedestal, and your original stone on another pedestal next to it. If you have no access to

pedestals, you could use another platform that is available, like a shelf or small table. You can choose. Print the

picture you sent me on an A6 size photo paper and hang it on the wall, behind the stones.

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