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Island(s) of Escape, 2022

C-Print Fine Art Photography, ceramic sculptures

The video from 2012, Sinopale 4

I was invited to participate in Sinopale 8, with its conceptual framework 'Upcycling', to reinterprete my work from 2012, which I showed in Sinopale 4. My work entitled ‘The Island of Escape’, which I made in 2012 during my participation to Sinopale 4, was about an islet close to the shore, at the northernmost point of Turkey. This rock formation is a piece of land which has undefinable borders because of its location and size. It has an indented surface, which sometimes entirely disappears under the waves with the strong north wind, and reappears again the next moment. Therefore, it is almost impossible to locate this point, because it looks different every moment. The year I was in Sinop, during my excursion in Inceburun, I had photographed different moments of ‘the Island of Escape’, always from the same angle. I exhibit these photos from my own archive on the digital platform of Sinopale 8. In addition to that, I created ceramic sculptures of this islet, trying to three-dimensionalize what is captured on these pictures. They are installed in a circular shape and rotate in motion as a gif, similar to a clock.

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