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Out of Scope, 2016
4 Backlit C-Print photographs, MDF, mirrors

The work proposes imaginary spaces that can be created within limits and borders. The installation gathers two separate images together, which were taken in different locations and are divided into 4 pieces. The placement of custom-shaped boxes, which contain the images, form the far corners of a single big picture. While each image is part of the big picture, they are at the same time disconnected to and independent from each other. Each image loops endlessly in reflections created by the mirrors, which surround it. By looking into the reflections into the direction of the other image, the viewer is invited to imagine the completion towards the next image. Due to this interconnection between them, the rest of the image only exists in the imagination of the viewer. Referring to issues of migration, the work is about taking mandatory paths with unknown outcomes, where perceptions of space and time blur sometimes, yet hope is always there.

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